For those interested in our laboratory

 The catchphrase of our laboratory is "manufacturing that aims for practical application with constant awareness of the needs of society". We place importance on students' independence, and together with them, we search for research themes that they can actively pursue themselves, without being confined to existing themes. We also actively conduct joint research with research institutions both on and off campus, allowing students to engage in higher-level research. At times, we challenge new research themes with the spirit of "RUN rather than argue" and with the power of action.

 There is nothing like the joy of seeing a "thing" that you have created with your own hands function as intended. This sounds obvious, but in reality it is a very difficult task. The greatest joy of research lies in the accumulation of these efforts, one by one, to solve problems and make new discoveries toward the goals you set for yourself. I would like to encourage everyone from various backgrounds to become interested in and actively participate in research with a free spirit and open mind. Perhaps a great discovery will be made from your ideas that are not bound by the conventional wisdom of biotechnology. The members of our laboratory work day and night, dreaming that the devices they develop may someday be useful for the world and for people.

 The members of the laboratory, regardless of their grade, continue their research every day while engaging in friendly competition. We encourage you to challenge yourself and do what you can only do at that time in your university life. You will surely have encounters that will last a lifetime. There are many opportunities to express yourself at university. Make the most of them and aim to be the only one. Research in the laboratory is one of those opportunities.

PI Hiroshi Kimura